CR Seals (Chicago Rawide)

4Chicago Rawhide was founded in 1878 and is headquartered in Elgin, Illinois. Chicago Rawhide is a leader in the manufacturing of seals for a wide variety of different types of industries including agricultural, automotive, paper, food, textiles and steel mills. Chicago Rawhide is known worldwide for their commitment to quality while keeping costs reasonably low.

Chicago Rawhide offers a number of seal varieties. Some of the seals produced by Chicago Rawhide include: oil seals, speedi-sleeves and v-rings. Chicago Rawhide also makes a line of U joints. SKF Worldwide purchased Chicago Rawhide in 1990 and only added to the companys breadth and renown. Chicago Rawhides quality control department ensures that all the products leaving the factory are within standards and capable of giving customers the seal and u-joints lifetimes of performance and productivity.

For the customer searching for or requiring a sealing solution that is cost-effective yet of the highest possible quality, Chicago Rawhide is an excellent option.

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