Condition Monitoring Services

Dear Valued Customer,

United Bearings & Equipment Agencies Ltd. (UBEC) is proud to announce our most recent offering: Condition Monitoring Services.

UBEC’s locally based team, specifically trained and dedicated exclusively to Condition Monitoring Services utilizes the most technologically advanced SKF equipment. We offer an effective program that can assist in developing, implementing and performing maintenance strategies to help your company manage assets and maximize productivity while safely extending asset life.

Research has found, that while most companies strive to manage their assets proactively, many often find themselves managing reactively; continually responding to sudden functional asset failures, which often result in increased overtime, poor quality repairs and unplanned outages.

An effective Condition Monitoring Program can predict the failure of bearings and other machine components before they occur, thus allowing for planned maintenance and the avoidance of expensive emergency shutdowns.

For more information on our Condition Monitoring Services, please call or contact us via email.

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