Power Transmission


SKF Power Transmission is a product line that provides a complete range of high quality belts, chains, couplings, pulleys, sprockets, bushings and hubs.

Required in virtually every industry, power transmission components enable processes to run by connecting moving parts in machinery.

Some key industries we service

  • Pulp and paper
  • Food and beverage
  • Oil and gas
  • Metals
  • Mining, mineral processing and cement

Regardless of whether the challenge lies in designing equipment that increases plant efficiency or to improve overall profitability, SKF’s experience and expertise can help you meet your goals.

Helping your business to reduce the total cost of ownership

At SKF, we are dedicated to helping your business reduce the total cost of ownership in the long-run.

By choosing SKF Power Transmission products, you are investing in high quality, high performance products that enable your machinery to run more efficiently and increase its Mean Time Between Failure / Repair (MTBF/R).

This translates into substantial savings on ownership costs as you enjoy longer operating life, reduced maintenance of equipment and better Return on Investment (ROI).